Thank you for your interest in our proposed vision for a collection of multi-family townhomes in West Vancouver’s Cedardale neighbourhood.



Canderel is exploring the possibility of building a collection of townhomes in a segment of the 600 block of Inglewood and at 695 Burley Drive. The vision is to create housing options that would be well suited to families and down-sizers. 

The vision is consistent with West Vancouver’s current Official Community Plan, in particular with the policy (2.1.7) that supports the creation of “missing middle” housing options such as rowhouses, triplexes and other multi-family formats that create options for families and down-sizers.

The project is at a very early stage. We have been asked to submit a preliminary package for review to the District of West Vancouver planning department. 


We have not yet submitted an application to Council. Our goal is to ask for permission to do so once we get feedback from the community.



We are reaching out to neighbours and other members of the community to share our vision of what we would like to do, listen to feedback, answer questions and understand any concerns. 

If you would like to meet, please send us an email and let us know how we can best be in touch with you. 

Feel free to contact us by email at



Canderel is exploring the possibility of building townhomes in the Cedardale neighbourhood at 695 Burley Drive and 660, 640, 620 and 610 Inglewood Avenue.


The company is hosting a Public Information Meeting for neighbours and others to see and understand our proposal BEFORE we apply to the District. 

We invite you to join us by Zoom on: February 17, 2021 @ 6 p.m.


Click this link to join the meeting:

NOTE: This is not a West Vancouver District function; it is a pre-application meeting. West Vancouver District Council may receive a report from staff on the issues raised at this meeting and may formally consider the proposal at a later date. 



The proposed site is an assembly of lots at the corner of Burley Drive and Inglewood Avenue, adjacent to Cedardale School and close to transit on Taylor Way.

Site Location.png

The site is located within the
Taylor Way Local Planning Area.

Taylor Way Corridor Local Area Plan boundary.


Timing and Process

We are in the early days (Pre-Application) of the project. We have submitted our project concept to the District of West Vancouver planning staff for their preliminary feedback. We will be reaching out to neighbours and others in the community for feedback over the coming months.

Click here, to view the detailed District of West Vancouver Rezoning Applications Process.



Our idea is to create a collection of townhomes that includes 39 two- and three-storey townhomes (each with a rooftop deck), and 13 lower-level single bedroom garden units with patios.


The homes would be designed to comply with Step 4 of the BC Energy Code, a superior level of energy efficient building.


The single entrance to the site will be off of Inglewood Avenue.  


Three-storey townhomes along Inglewood Avenue would have a strong street presence with individual front entrances and yards.  The townhomes step back at the third floor reducing the scale of the buildings along the street to fit in with the existing 1 and 2 storey single family homes. 

British Columbia – and West Vancouver, itself -- has a proud history as one of the birthplaces of contemporary West Coast architecture.  

The proposed style of architecture for this project is characterized by linear design elements, the use of natural materials and glass to connect indoor and outdoor spaces.  


The site will be landscaped for natural beauty and ease of use by the neighbourhood with private spaces for each home. A common outdoor amenity area accessible to all area residents will be created at the western edge of the property.

Street view from Inglewood
Street view from Burley Dr
Public Green Space
Inglewood street view east
Rooftop patio
Townhome Community from Burley Dr


How this fits in West Vancouver’s Official Community Plan (OCP)

The redevelopment of this site addresses key points from the West Vancouver’s OCP including:

  • "strengthen our centres and key corridors through local area plans, with separate, detailed and collaborative planning processes to determine area specific visions, objectives and suitable built-form, heights and densities; and"

  • "advance housing affordability, accessibility and sustainability through available policy levers"


The policies that this redevelopment directly addresses from the West Vancouver OCP Housing Guidelines are policies: 2.1.7, 2.1.13, and 2.1.15 as listed below:


Redevelopment of this site is guided by the West Vancouver OCP Policy 2.1.7, which provides direction on expanding the middle missing” (e.g. triplex, townhouse, mixed-use) options.


Policy 2.1.7: "Consider proposals within existing neighbourhoods for site specific zoning changes that are not otherwise supported by policies in this plan only in limited circumstances by:

a. Reporting to Council after preliminary application review to allow an early opportunity for public input;

b. Considering sites or assemblies that present a degree of physical separation from adjoining single-family dwellings (e.g. adjacent to a greenbelt, grade change, park, school, or existing multi-family site);

c. Requiring demonstration of minimal impacts to access, traffic, parking and public views in the neighbourhood;

d. Restricting one or more of a range of low-rise housing types including duplexes, triplexes, rowhouses, townhouses, seniors, rental and apartment buildings to a maximum of three storeys;

e. Reviewing form and character to support siting and designs that respond and contribute to neighbourhood context and character; and

f. Ensuring information meetings with public notification prior to formal Council consideration in accordance with District procedures."


Further, the site is located within the future Taylor Way Corridor Local Area Plan boundary.


Policy 2.1.13: "Create capacity for an estimated 1,700–2,100 net new housing units through local area plans (see Map 3) for the following areas, subject to provision 2114 of this plan:

a. Ambleside Municipal Town Centre (1,000–1,200 estimated net new units);

b. Taylor Way Corridor (500–600 estimated net new units); and

c. Horseshoe Bay (200–300 estimated net new units)"


Policy 2.1.15: "Prior to the adoption of a local area plan, proposals may be considered within the local plan boundary by:

a. Applying relevant District-wide policies contained in the OCP and any existing area-specific policies and guidelines; and

b. Requiring the proposal’s contribution to rental, non-market or supportive housing, or its ability to advance the public interest or provide other community benefits as determined by Council."


A Housing Needs Report presented to City Council in January 2021 reinforces the need for a greater diversity of housing types, including family-oriented housing such as two- and three-bedroom homes, and homes for singles. 

Excerpts from the report that inform our concept:


Housing for Families

“… When considering units by bedroom type, West Vancouver’s housing increasingly comprises very large units (4+bedrooms). There is a need for smaller units for singles as well as 2- and 3-bedroom units, which are typically found in infill (coach houses, duplexes, triplex, townhouses), apartments and mixed-use development – these “missing middle” options can help to provide more attainable options in proximity to schools and services.” ~ Page 139


Housing Supply Gaps

“Greater Diversity of Housing Form: West Vancouver’s housing form is relatively homogeneous – 64% single-detached. Stakeholders expressed a desire for greater housing choice to ensure seniors, young families, and singles have housing options that meet their needs. There is an opportunity to introduce sensitive infill housing (e.g., coach houses, duplexes), missing middle ground-oriented housing (e.g. townhouses), mixed-use housing and apartments in centres or along transit corridors to regenerate West Vancouver’s existing housing.“ ~ Page 141


District of West Vancouver, Official Community Plan

Housings Needs Report presented to District of West Vancouver Council, January 2021


We welcome your feedback. 


If you would like more information, or have further question, please contact our community engagement liaison, Nancy McHarg, at nancy@mchargcommunications.com




Canderel is a prominent real-estate development company with national presence and a strong history in Western Canada. Since 1975, we have been working to realize our vision of creating positive spaces for people at work and home. We take pride in creating homes for people that contribute positively to neighbourhoods. Each project receives meticulous planning and attention to detail, irrespective of its size or location.relevant pages in your site.


Integra Architecture Inc. is a Vancouver-based, award-winning architectural firm formed, in 1999. The partners share a belief in client-centered architecture, teamwork, and long-term working relationships. The firm’s capable staff has extensive experience in all types of sustainable residential buildings, mixed-use projects, as well as renovations and seniors housing. Whether residential or public, Integra’s projects shape communities, earning them widespread recognition for excellence in sustainability, function, and form.


P+A is a versatile landscape architecture and site-planning firm with more than 35 years of consulting that includes the full spectrum of landscape architecture from site design to urban design and the planning of new communities. P+A has received many awards from associations such as the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, the Canadian Home Builders Association, and the internationally recognized Waterfront Centre, based in Washington, DC. Their team makes every effort to understand the nuances of each project in order to provide thoughtful and innovative designs.


McHarg Communications is a boutique public relations firm led by Nancy McHarg, a long-time resident of West Vancouver until a few years ago.  McHarg Communications is passionate about communicating to bring people together and contribute to positive change. Nancy has worked in media and public relations for 25 years, counseling clients in energy, real-estate, entertainment, sports, and retail public and private education and government.


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